About Andrew Connolly

I love gardening. (And that isn’t a great photo of me, is it? Must change it!)

My biggest passion in life is my garden. It’s my haven. Creating a space where some of my most cherished memories have been made, enjoying the wildlife and getting back to nature. Be it flowers, vegetables, bulbs, herbs.. just everything! I can’t truly express the joy it brings me and has done since such a young age when I had my first experience of making my own garden (with a little help from my parents!)

That first magic moment began a lifelong love of all things green. Since then I’ve spent countless hours, days and weeks in my own garden exploring and learning. I can’t live without a garden to tinker with or potter around in and feel like I’d be missing a piece of me without one.

With the advance of technology the internet has give us all a chance to share our interests and find those who have similar. This is my little piece of the World Wide Web where I can talk about my favourite things. Be it the flowers I love, sharing advice on gardens and growing that others might find useful, or just musing on the horticultural world.

I hope to be able to pass on any knowledge, tips or tricks I’ve picked up along the way. As well as learning from others – there’s so much more I know I can find out and improve on. Taking ideas and inspiration from the many talented people I encounter and expressing that in my own way. Maybe I will inspire someone (you!?) to grab a spade and get out there.

So I hope you enjoy my Little Flower Cottage, an online space to enjoy that truly wonderful of pursuits – gardening.

– Andy

Contact: andy@littleflowercottage.com